About us

Today we live in a digital world. It’s just the right time to start owning your digital data. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are essential because they allows us to own digital goods, assets, and data.

We are big fans of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency world. Our passion for blockchain and crypto technologies started back in 2011 when we started wondering about the importance of blockchain technology. The simple answer was that the blockchain will become as useful as the internet is, and will become an inseparable part of our daily lives. That’s why our passion has led us to innovative solutions, inspiring us to develop products and services needed to create a better, safer, fairer world.

We believe in the power of the people. Blockchain Is Changing Our World.

Our principles

Blockchain and beyond

We believe blockchain will be the backbone for many advanced technologies and services in the near future. Blockchain has the potential to influence every aspect of the global economy and its applications are already developing faster than most governments or regulators can, or have been willing to accept.

Disruptive technology

Our products and services are designed to allow anyone to be their own bank and to be able to manage their digital assets in a simple and safe way. We empower the individuals to be able to secure their personal data in the long term without any third-party or tech involvement.

Backup for everyone

We design and develop our products from the very beginning using materials with low environmental impacts like stainless steel, paper and cardboard and as few components as possible, thus reducing production costs meaning a better selling price.

Be prepared!

Sometimes no matter how many precautions you take, the disaster strikes. Everything you’ve trusted, either hardware devices or security layers, can fail. That’s why we do not make any compromises when developing our solutions. We take our customers’ legacy very seriously. Be on the safe side!

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