Dots & Tricks

The detailed instructions on how to use the KryptoDots backup kit can be found printed inside in the cardboard packaging.

When converting your seed words (mnemonic phrase) into numbers, it’s imperative to use the printed word list provided with the KryptoDots backup kit or print one yourself from here. Please take extra precautions at this step and do not search the words on a PC or mobile device because you can compromise your private keys. Also do not take pictures of your seed words or expose them in front of webcams, surveillance cameras or other video capture devices. This warning message also applies to other operations using the KryptoDots backup kit.

For a better method of securing your seed words, you can elaborate yourself various patterns or methods of mixing information on the base plate so that you are the only one who knows how to extract the information. See some examples below:

  1. You can mark the correct words on one side of the base plate and mark fake words on the other side. Repeat this on the 2nd plate. Only you will know which information to extract.
  2. Making it more complicated, you can mark the correct words only on some rows or columns or even zones on the base plate, like marking only the even zones with true words and uneven zones with fake words of one side or the whole plate. Repeat the process mirroring or copying the method on the other plate. Just remember what method you used when in need to extract the information.

When permanently marking your base plate, place the Plastic / MDF case with the plates firmly tight and secured in Plastic / MDF case, on a hard and stable surface for a better marking. Don’t forget to mark one of the sides.

On each order, we send by email, the encoder template so you can decode and extract your information even if you misplaced, lost or broke the encoding plate. The template can be printed on a transparency paper or film. Even using normal paper you can decode and extract the seed words from your plates.