Plastic Spare Case

Plastic Spare Case

55.00  inc. Vat

27 500 DISRUPTIVE-c20f7c tokens

Punched it really hard? We understand… you wanted to be sure that your words are really marked on the Base Plates. It’s OK! Here you can buy spare plastic case to complete your KRYPTODOTS Backup Kit. You earned your title: Sir Punch-a-Lot.

What is the plastic Case?

The plastic Case is an engineered medium-density fiberboard product designed to be a transport case for all the KryptoDots Kit items and also to stabilize and fix in place the Encoder and the metallic Base plates for the marking process.

Why use KryptoDots Plastic Case?

To properly mark the dots on the Base plates it is very important to use the KryptoDots Plastic Case. The KryptoDots Plastic Case is designed to properly accommodate the Encoder and Base plates attached together with the screws and nuts providing you a flat, stabilized and shock-absorbing surface.

Kryptodots Plastic spare case – Specifications

KryptoDots Plastic Case dimensions11.5 x 15.5 x 1.8 cm
KryptoDots Plastic Case weight200 grams


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